Welcome to the HPAC™ Portal


The Healthcare Payments Automation Center (HPAC) is the industry’s leading platform for automating healthcare payments and remittances, delivering maximum value to healthcare providers, financial institutions (medical lockbox), medical billers, clearinghouses, practice management systems and other business partners via a unique blend of innovative technologies. The goal of HPAC is to empower healthcare payment transformation and support the industry as it transitions from paper to electronification.

HPAC enables immediate straight-through processing levels of efficiency by eliminating manual posting of explanation of benefits (EOB) forms along with paper correspondence generated from health plans (payers). HPAC converts, matches and reconciles electronic claim files (EDI 837) with scanned images of EOBs or Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) generating EDI 835 post-ready files which expedite posting of medical receivables into the provider’s practice management, billing or medical AR systems.

HPAC is HIPAA/HITECH compliant with strong security features built into the cloud-based platform. A white paper is available for review upon request.

The platform is comprised of three major categories with several levels of functionality which can be licensed individually or collectively. They include:

  • Automation of Paper Payments
    • EOB conversion into EDI 835 output
    • Correspondence processing
    • Patient payment processing
  • EDI processing services
    • 835 file normalization
    • Payment reconciliation
      • EFT Reassociation to ERA
      • EOB/check balancing
  • Healthcare analytics
    • HPAC Payments Portal
      • Receivables tracking
      • Virtual EOB (standardized view of ERAs/EOBs)
      • Support for denials management
      • Operating controls and reporting
    • Electronic Content Management (ECM) (Short-term/long-term archive)
    • Business Intelligence